Carmen Cannoli has a Diva Day

Ladies do you ever crave a day where you just take time for yourself and spoil yourself a little? Well Carmen had been bugging me that she has been working so hard that she wanted a Diva Day. So, I am going to let her tell you all about her Diva Day in her own words…

Every Cannoli wants to be pampered so I wanted to try having a massage, facial and my nails done. Back in my little village we have to travel to the big city to get such services and many of them just do not want to try and provide services to us cannoli’s as they have to be gentle…We break easily.

Carmen Cannoli Has A Massage

Carmen CannoliSo here is SWFL I did find some ladies who were eager to spoil me. My first stop was Summit Massage Therapy in Fort Myers. Lucy just happens to love cannoli’s, so she was more than happy to spoil me. She even gave me a tour of her facility. She asked me all sorts of questions, so she would know just what to focus on. What a treat it was as she was so gentle yet effective in working out my kinks. It is not easy being a cannoli and work the long hours I do. She has hot stone treatments which I wanted but thought they would be too big and crush my fragile shell…. alas she had the perfect size for me, as if they were created just for me. My posture needed a little work so she did some taping too. I felt so good after! What a great place to go to have a massage and get treated like a diva!

Carmen Cannoli Has A Facial

Carmen CannoliAfter I went to have my facial and manicure at Silver Screen Beauty. Dorothy also loves cannoli’s so she was ready to treat me like the star that I am! She wanted to make sure that I look and feel my best for all my adoring fans. The whole time she explained everything that she was doing. We had to be careful with the steam so I did not melt. My skin felt so smooth after and I think she too 10 years off me.  I sure felt 10 years younger. Next was my manicure. I know, you can’t see my hands but trust me I have them. Dorothy was an expert when it came to making my nails look so pretty. Sorry that you can’t see them, they are so small that pictures are all fuzzy and blurry.  When I was done, I felt like the star that I am.

So, there you have it, Carmen’s diva experience in a nutshell or should I say a cannoli shell. If you want to spoil yourself you can find Summit Massage Therapy at 8540 Dayton Avenue Fort Myers, Florida 33907 and Silver Screen Beauty in the Beacon Executive Suites 8359 Beacon Blvd #408 Fort Myers Fl 33907

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