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Good Content for Social MediaI am often asked this question and the answer is not a simple one. There is no magic template, recipe or formula for the perfect social media posts. This is because content for social media and what makes it “good” is subjective. What one audience perceives as “good” may not be perceived as “good” by another audience. So that brings us to the number 1 answer to this question:

Good content for social media is what your audience, potential and current clients/customers determine as good. It is what they like, what they want to know. You can tell this by how they react and engage with your content. You must know what your audience likes about you and your business. Many businesses make the mistake and think they should post what they, as the business, wants their audience to know but it is the reverse. It is all about what your audience, customers, potential customers want to know.

Another aspect of this question you will often hear others speak about is compelling content. Ok, so I bet you wonder just what that is. It is content that compels your audience to act. So, one can say that good content is content that compels your audience to act. Specifically, it all depends on your audience.

However, there are types of content you can use that depending on your audience, they just might find compelling. Here are some ideas you can try and see how your audience reacts to them.

  1. Asking questions – this allows your audience to feel part of your business. They feel valued if you ask their opinion. As an example, if you own a restaurant ask them about menu items. This will help you know what to add or take off.
  2. Trivia questions – these can be fun, and you will know how much your audience knows about your field of business.
  3. Tips – sharing tips that relate to your field of business is always appreciated by your audience. As an example, if you are an accountant you could share tax tips.
  4. Trending news – if there is news related to your business that is important and trending, you will want to share it with your audience. Be sure this is done timely and from popular and reputable sources.
  5. Videos – creative and clever videos series will entertain while educating your audience. Remember to keep them short.

These are just a few content ideas you can try. Remember it is important to be authentic in all that you do. Remember to talk to your audience and not at them. Do not spam, try too hard to sell to your audience, or be overly promotional.

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