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McAlister's DeliMcAlister’s Deli made its reappearance in Lee County at the Forum. Originally it was located in the Cypress Trace Shopping Center next to Beall’s. It was located there from 2006-2009 and I recall eating there many times. I was eager to give them a try again. However, this time it was not quite the same. The portions are much smaller than I recall. The quality it not the same as it use to be either.

I and my dining partner chose the “Choose 2” of a half a sandwich and cup of soup ($8.69). It is counter service, and a food runner brings it to your table. Now when paying separately each member of the party is given a number to place at their table so they can find your order. However, there is only 1 place for this and if you put both numbers cards there they can only see the number from 1 direction. I tell this story because our food runner had a problem finding my number because they only looked at the numbers from one direction. Hint to management, train them to check both side of number stand when multiple people are sitting at a table.

I had the Broccoli cheese and my dining companion had the Chicken Tortilla. I had the Roast Beef and Cheddar and my companion had the Rueben ($1 up charge). The soups were outstanding and very tasty. The sandwiches were a bit of a disappointment. There was not much to them as far as amount of meat goes. The food does come out fairly quickly and the counter people and food runners are very friendly. Beverages are $2.49. The cookie was $1.50. The cost for our lunches $12-$13. If you need a quick meal for lunch they are able to achieve this for you.

The problem with franchises always seems to be quality of food compared to the price. Diners often look for the value and well in this case I don’t see the value. We both agreed that the value was just not there. If the quality was just a notch better and more like I recall it being, I would return.

Overall rating: Average

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