MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant Estero Fl

8076 Mediterranean Drive, Estero, FL, United States

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant

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MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant is where fast food meets fine dining. They are located Coconut Point between Starbucks and Panera.

They have appetizers, pizza’s, specialty pizza’s, burrata’s, salads and desserts all are made fresh in house. Everything is made fresh and in house.

We went to a tasting they held prior to their opening and were just delighted with the entire concept. Most fast food places where you place your order at a counter serve your food with paper and plastic dinnerware and cups. Not MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant. The dark wood tables are set with china plates, silverware and glasses. It looks like a fine dining restaurant.

They have a live olive tree and live plants for decorations. They also use their equipment as decorations, like the 2 large wood burning stoves, slicers, wine bottles and more. So, while you think you are in a fine dining restaurant, they actually serve your food quickly.

The meat and cheese boards consist of items like black truffle salami, black truffle cheese, goat cheese, spicy Italian salami, Prosciutto, rosemary ham, fresh mozzarella and many more traditional Italian meats and cheeses. Some boards have pears, walnuts and bread served with them. Everything on these boards are good quality products. The meatballs with fresh mozzarella is made with angus beef and the sauce was extremely flavorful.

The pizza’s are single serve but 2 people could share one easily. The dough is made fresh in house. They also have gluten free dough. They use non gmo flour as well. Not all dough is alike and there is traditional Neapolitan, so it is a bit softer and chewier than others you may be used to. It is very different than NY style, so we want to prepare you for that. They have 5 classic pizzas to choose from, 15 specialty pizzas, as well as a make your own option. We had the House Pesto, Double Peperoni, Margherita, and The Meats. It is all about the ingredients and that is what makes their food so outstanding.

Dessert we had the Signature Nutella Calzone with Berries. 3-4 people can share this one as it is very large. The berries were so fresh we could have just eaten them. They add such a delightful dimension to this dessert. It is a real treat.

The prices range from $5.75 – $15.00. They serve beer, wine, Italian soda, Italian Cream soda, Gourmet Tea’s and Coffee’s and House mixed Lemonades.

Not being one to care for franchise food as it tends to be bland. We make an exception for MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant.

Overall Rating: Above Average

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