Mission BBQ Fort Myers

12984 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States

mission bbqNormally, we do not review chain restaurants but in this case we decided to break with tradition as we received several suggestions that we needed to check them out. I now suspect it was due more because of their support of military, veterans, police officers and firefighters. Despite them being open since 2015 I thought they were a sit-down restaurant. I apparently was not the only one to think this. We have heard many good things about the food from some, while others were not so impressed.

When you arrive, you are greeted by a gal behind the counter where you order your food. There is a huge menu board that displays what is available. They have pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, ribs, sausage, salmon chicken and turkey. The have platters and sandwiches. For sides, they have mac and cheese, baked beans, green beans, fries, and cold slaw. Someone had mentioned the collard greens were good but I did not see them on the menu. Prices range from 5.99 to 9.99. Sides are not included so you can do a combo for either $3 or $4 and that includes a drink.

I settled on the ½ chicken (no ¼ chicken option) because the sandwiches are a bit limited. I am not a fan of pulled pork/chicken or brisket which just left turkey as an option. I did the $3 combo and had the mac and cheese. They served up my meal rather quickly. After paying and going to get my drink, my meal was ready before I finished filling my soda cup.

The chicken and optional sauces were good. Nothing exceptional but good. The problem is you get plastic utensils with which to eat with. They do not use a good quality, in my humble opinion, utensils because I kept breaking the fork…3 times it broke. That takes the joy out of eating. The mac and cheese topped with panko crumbs was rather good. I could enjoy that.  The corn bread was a bit on the dry side for my taste.

So here is my take, with all the options to eat BBQ in this area, other than their support of the military etc, I can see no reason to return. If you want a quick lunch then maybe this is an option even though BBQ can get messy. The meal came to $12.18 and was just not that good of an experience to make me want to return.  I like the fact that they have a mission so to speak but I would rather go to a locally owned restaurant. So where is your favorite place for BQQ?

Overall rating: average

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