New Mom Gifts

new mom gifts

New Mom Gifts – special attention for the new mom

New moms get lots of attention when the baby arrives, but then that attention tapers off – or shifts to the new baby. A gift for baby is great, but letting a new mom know you are there for her after the initial excitement has diminished can be just as important. A card is one simple idea. Here are some new mom gift ideas:


Watch baby long enough for her to take a shower or a nap – whichever she needs the most.
Drop her other kids off at school or pick them up from school.
Do her laundry.
Send a gift for her – chocolate, a coffee mug, a pretty necklace.
Take siblings to a park or movie.
Give her a giftcard for food delivery.
Tell her that she’s a great mom.
Only give advice if she asks for it.
Most importantly, don’t let it be a one time occurrence.

New moms need continuous support. With SendOutCards, you can have the fun of picking fun gifts and cards, and we’ll take care of sending them out!

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