Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

16078 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33908, United States

Osaka Japanese SteakhouseOsaka Japanese Steakhouse is located on San Carlos Blvd between Summerlin and Kelly Rd. It offers 2 dining rooms. One for sushi and meals and another for their Hibachi meals and show.  On this night, we chose the Hibachi. This is perfect if you are a large group as the table seats at least 10.

The service was questionable at first as the gentleman taking the drink orders seemed to have some difficulty understanding our order and after taking all but 1 drink order he left the table and was replaced with another gentleman and we had to repeat our orders to him. Then in the middle of placing our drink orders yet again, the waitress appeared and apologized for the confusion. So finally, all the drink orders were placed. After our drinks were served our waitress returned to take our orders. The hibachi menu items all include soup and salad. The soup was piping hot and delicious. The salad was flavorful as well. When we finished with those our chef appeared and asked us about the sauces we wanted. All these sauces were very good. The spicy garlic was one of my favorites. We were a large group and all chose different options such as Fillet with scallops, fillet with chicken, fillet with shrimp to give you an idea of some of the items available. They are served with fried rice and vegies which are all cooked on the hibachi. Both were absolutely flavorful especially the vegetables.

Osaka Japanese SteakhouseThe meat and seafood items came next. I found the scallops to not be the best I have ever had as they were a bit over cooked. While not rubbery as they can get when really overcooked they were not melt in your mouth texture either. The fillet however was a good quality meat ad was good just to my liking. The portion size is really rather large including the amount of fillet and seafood you receive. Pricing for Hibachi meals are in the $20 plus– $30 plus range.

The show was well…lack luster. He did make a few mistakes in his catching and tossing of things. I think he was rather new at this. However, it was enjoyable even though he did not interact with us much except when it came to serving the food.

The atmosphere though is rather nice. Lighting is perfect for setting a warm atmosphere without being too dark. It can be romantic as well as fun for larger groups. Overall though while not outstanding or memorable it is a nice place to go if you are in that area of town. They give you your money’s worth but it would be nice if they just stepped it up a bit as it could be a truly outstanding experience if they just pay attention to some of the small details.

Overall Rating: Average

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