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Massage Fort Myers

Massage Fort MyersExperience massage in Fort Myers like no other……

Need to De-stress? The first place stress shows up is in tight muscles, most commonly neck and shoulders. Neuro-Energy Balance™ takes care of stress. Drive-Thru Stress Relief™ unplugs you from your day, from your world, from your own head. It is a hands-on, targeted treatment of Polarity Therapy.  Brings your whole nervous system, your whole body, all of you, to stillness. And though it’s called “Drive-Thru,” you do have to park your car and come in! But not for long;  you’re back in your car in under an hour.

From Larry: “I have created Drive-Thru Stress Relief™ and Neuro-Energy Balance™ because of what I’ve seen over my 25+ years in practice. Blending Orthopedic Massage and Polarity Therapy, I created these methods to help people just like you who have begun to feel the wear and tear from full engagement in their lives but don’t want it to be that way and want more and better options. More and more, we’re run by the worlds we live in, and we want to be back in the driver’s seat. I give you that.  I unplug you from your day, from your world, from the noise in your own head. I open your posture, make you feel taller, and return your muscles to their resting length. I bring you to stillness and change your relationship with stress all together.  Your nervous system and whole body simply reset.”

Massage Fort Myers

Orthopedic Massage returns your muscles to their resting length and tone to give you relief from tightness, stiffness, and pain that is deeper, more durable and longer lasting. Gives you freedom in your body. Polarity Therapy restores your vital energy  to its natural flow, your whole body and nervous system to their natural balance and calm.  This softens your relationship with stress itself so that what once ran you and caused you stress, no longer does.  Or at least you catch it sooner and nip it in the bud.  Neuro-Energy Balance™ is a whole treatment for body, mind, and spirit.

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